Early Intervention Key to Success for Children with Language Disorder

Brisbane, QLD – Language disorder is a condition in which a person has difficulty understanding and using language effectively.

People with a language disorder may have trouble expressing themselves, comprehending what others say, following directions, and appropriately using grammar and vocabulary. This can affect their ability to communicate with others and succeed in school and other areas of life.

Studies have shown that early intervention can significantly improve outcomes for children with language disorder. Providing children with the support they need at an early age can build a sound foundation for language development.

Despite the prevalence of the condition, estimated to affect 1 in 10 students in every Australian classroom, there is only one specialist school in Australia catering to the needs of students with language disorder – Mancel College, based in the leafy Brisbane suburb of Fig Tree Pocket.

The school, which attracts enrolments across the country, provides individualised attention to students with language disorder, allowing them to receive support and resources tailored to their specific needs, which is not always possible in a mainstream school setting.

“We are well resourced to deliver the full Australian Curriculum with our multidisciplinary team of teachers and allied health therapists tailoring educational supports to ensure extraordinary outcomes for our students”, said Peter Foster, Principal at Mancel College. “Ultimately, we are supporting students to develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed, opening new pathways in their lives.”

Although language disorder is a lifelong condition, the school has had many early intervention students returning and thriving in the mainstream educational system over the years.

For more information about language disorder or to learn about the programs and services available at Mancel College, please visit mancelcollege.qld.edu.au

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