What is
Language Disorder?

Language Disorder is diagnosed when children fail to acquire their own language for no obvious reason.

This results in children who have difficulty understanding what people say to them, and struggle to articulate their ideas and feelings.

Language Disorder is a common yet not well recognised disability

It affects how a person thinks about, understands, and uses language. Language Disorder is a persistent and lifelong disability because language is fundamental to life.

Difficulties in this domain can have far-reaching impacts. For example, how a young person communicates their needs, connects with others, shares stories, requests help, and their overall comprehension, such as understanding instructions or requesting a conversation.

Signs of Language Disorder are often evident in the early years, with studies showing that children with language difficulties at age five are likely to experience long-term and persistent problems throughout their lives.



Early intervention is important

Having a Language Disorder can significantly impact a person’s life and may present in a variety of ways, including challenges with learning and using words and sentences to communicate, such as to convey thoughts, ideas and feelings.

It may affect a person’s understanding of instructions or their ability to follow conversations. It may have impacts on reading, writing, and academic attainment, or challenges with establishing and building relationships.

Accessing support through a speech language pathologist and other professionals is key to achieving extraordinary outcomes for children and young people with Language Disorder.

Our Support Networks

Therapy support for children and young people with Language Disorder and other developmental and learning needs.

A full educational experience for children and young people with Language Disorder – from Prep to Year 12.

Enhancing outcomes for students with Language Disorder through consultation, capacity building through intensive support and professional learning for school staff.

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Support Developmental Language Disorder Day

on #DLDday, Friday October 14th, 2022

14 October is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day.
The 2022 DLDday theme is Growing with DLD, highlighting that DLD is a lifelong, permanent disability.