Upcoming Webinar: Oral Narrative

Upcoming Webinar on 6 June 2024 at 3:30pm – 4:30pm AEST.

Ashton Moncrieff (Speech Pathologist) and Meg MacKenzie (Speech Pathologist) will present the webinar Oral Narrative.

Oral narrative, in the form of storytelling, is a crucial skill linked to improved academic performance and social development in children. These skills are highly predictive of reading comprehension abilities. Narrative intervention promotes explicit instruction of targeted language skills, including vocabulary, sentence structure, and morphology, while also fostering comprehension and social-emotional development.

In this webinar, Ashton and Meg will focus on:

  • Understanding what a narrative is, including:
    • Types of narratives
    • Narrative development across ages and stages
    • Microstructure and macrostructure
  • Identifying challenges faced by students with language disorders and difficulties in producing and comprehending narratives.
  • Exploring the impact of narrative development in the classroom.
  • Applying discussed strategies and resources to support narrative development in students with language disorders and difficulties.

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